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CBS FM International, The World's Favourite Hits! in Smart Stereo.24 hours a day. We are currently updating our Smart Stereo Webstreams! We launch soon in Northern Europe and Worldwide!
We are 21st Century Radio.
radio Music radio on the move, CBS FM International is the World leader in broadcasting,The World's Favourite Hits! Available right now on your Smartphone,Tablet, or Computer.


No Rap,The World's Favourite Hits! in Smart Stereo with clear short announcements aimed at a
Worldwide audience. We broadcast in Special English, a recognized form of communication which is understood by the vast majority of the World's population. Even if their primary language is not

We communicate in English, because English is the language of business and the internet, and CBS FM International is helping to improve spoken language skills Worldwide.


CBS FM International has listeners from Chicago to Calcutta, and from London to Los Angeles, Across the Planet and beyond! Drop us an e-mail using the form below!

The World's biggest hitmakers, Rhianna, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna and The World's Favourite Hits! are all here 24 hours a day on CBS FM International, and we play the hits first. Forget bad quality sound on Youtube, quality in audio and marketing and engineering are the benchmarks of 21st century broadcasting, and CBS FM International is leading the way around the World.

Smart Stereo(R) is a broadcasting system developed by the engineering department of CBS FM
International, resulting in clear, high quality audio on Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.

Recent figures released by Rajar, in Britain show that 18 percent of adults now listen to radio via their smartphone, and that the number of hours listening on line has increased Worldwide.


CBS FM International is owned and operated by a group of media professionals with veterans
experience in their fields, with their minds however very much in the 21st Century.

CBS FM International has listeners in the United States, The UK, Ireland, The Middle East, Asia and Africa. These listening figures are backed by actual figures from our servers, which pinpoint the area of listening, and which device is being used to hear the World's Favourite Hits.

This helps the Programming, Marketing and Engineering and Sales Department, improve our
broadcasting service to you.


We are also the 21st century way to promote your business or service.

CEO Steve Marshall, has over 35 years solid International experience in Broadcasting, Sales and Management, in Europe, Ireland, Spain and the Middle East, and has worked for the BBC.

CBS FM International is proud to be pioneers in  broadcasting, we are 21st Century Radio, and it's fun too! This website and the information contained within it, is copyright CBS FM International, Spain. Rights protected Worldwide. Copyright 2013-2050. And may not be used without the written permission of CBS FM International.

For more information on how you can expand your marketing campaign with 21st Century Media Solutions, contact Steve Marshall, CEO, CBS FM International, marshall at iol dot ie

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